Tree Cutting Permits

Obtain Permits to Fell Tree.

It is necessary to obtain permit for fell trees like jack tree, breadfruit tree, Palmairah.


Permits are to be issued for following situations.

    • After given the judgment by the court
    • To fell trees for development activities(Agricultural, Road development, widen the roads, electricity supply)
    • When build a house
    • Because of a natural agricultural incident
    • If any trees cause a danger to lives and properties.
  • Out worn trees.

Procedure to Apply

1.Obtain application-The Application should be obtained from Grama Nildari , Divisional secretary or you can download it form above link.

2.Required documents-

  • Recommendation of Grama niladhari
    • Deed of the land
    • Plan of the land
    • Plan of House and Other building
    • The letter of approved of Grama niladhari if the land is in partnership.
    • Document of judgment given by the court if any.
  • The documents of decision given by Prdeshiyasaba

The completed application form should be handover to Grama niladhari. Then Grama niladhari will give it to the divisional secretary.

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