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Decentralized budget program - 2018
Divisional Secretariat Walallawita
  Project No Project Name Approved Amount
1 LW-SW-WL-007 Rural Development Co-operative societies, community financing organizations, funeral aid co-operatives, elders societies and elders homes, sports clubs, youth societies, farmer organizations voluntary associations registered with the Walallawita divisional secretariat.                 200,000.00
2 PN-RC-WL-029 Development of Sri Sunandarama Viharaya                   97,000.00
3 PN-SW-WL-030 Providing chairs for impressive projects, Amano plates Tent, Sports equipments, Computers, Buffet sets, Musical instruments, pre-school toy equipment and other equipments.                   85,000.00
4 KW-LR-WL-014 Uragoda East GN, Walallawita Divisional Secretariat. Developed a handball play ground.                 194,000.00
5 KW-RC-WL-015 784 of the Walallawita Divisional Secretariat. Kahapagala GN Development of Karapagala Sri Sudhushudamaya temple in the division.                   97,000.00
6 KW-RC-WL-016 Development of Sri Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi Buddhist Viharaya, 843F, Weerakanda, Walallawita Divisional Secretariat.                   97,000.00
7 KW-RC-WL-017 Uragoda GN, Walallawita Divisional Secretariat. Development of Uduradhapura Sri Sunandaramaya Viharaya in the division.                   97,000.00
8 KW-SW-WL-005 Providing equipments for selected registration societies in Walallawita Divisional Secretariat.                 780,000.00
9 RA-RD-WL-028 Development of Morigoda Watta Road in Moragala                 388,000.00
10 RA-RD-WL-029 Development of Pelawatte Pallaketiyagoda by road                 194,000.00
11 RA-RD-WL-031 Development of Pelawatte Welagedawatta road                 194,000.00
12 RA-SW-WL-032 Walallawita PS blood. Providing equipments for registered societies in the division.                 100,000.00
13 NJ-LD-WL-014 Walallawita PS blood. Holding a dressing and wall painting course for the youth of the division .                   50,000.00
14 NJ-SW-WL-035 Providing equipment for Registration volunteer organizations in the division.                 100,000.00
15 RA-RC-WL-031 Providing materials for the development of buildings at Halwala Pahura Kanda Raja Maha Viharaya.                 100,000.00
16 AP-LR-WL-038 Completed the rest of the work on the pavilion at the Gonamulla school in Pananila Grama Niladhari Division No. 791.                 436,500.00
17 AP-EH-WL-039 WP /Mu/ Dr. Colvin RDe Silva Maha Vidyalaya team Providing suits for Providing suits for a band band.                   75,000.00
18 PT-RD-WL-001  Lihiniyawa Maha Gedara Kanda Road tarred and developed                 970,000.00
19 PN-RC-WL-018 Development of Sri Dharmarama Viharaya                 194,000.00

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