Our Vision

Offer an excellent, famous and best service provider to the people within kaluriverbank

Our Mission

To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"

Aftre the independence until the end of the decade of 1950, the divisional revenue (authoritative) area pnown as pasyodun korale, mahapaththuwe divisional revnue (authoritatiue)area had been demorcated so as to fully cover the present agalawatta parliamentory electorate.

The divisional revenue control (authoritatiue) demorcation commision after 1970, changed the then existed divisional revenue official area in to divisional assistant agent area and it entrusted to it more and more administrative powers too in addition to the then enjoyed powers of  collection of revenue.

According to that in the year 1972, the Mahapattuwe Divisional Revenue (Authoritative) area which covered full Agalawatta parliamentary electorate, having been divided in to two Divisional Assistant agent areas. the Walallawita Divisional Assistant agent area was established. that covered the very present geographical area with 18 village headmen areas.

Once again during 1972 – 1973, without subjecting to any change to the boundaries of the official area and the village  headmen areas, this administrative area was again reformed as assistant government agent area. after that the village headman pattern was changed into Grama  Sewaka mode but the number of divisions differed.

under the policy of recruiting special service officers, 09 such officers 18 Gramas Sewaka areas so as to represent 1 for 2 in this (A.G.A.) area, were appointed in 1981 under the policy of them being counted into the Grama Sewaka service, the governing commenced itself by its being divided into 27 Grama Sewaka areas.

According to power decentralization under the 13th parliamentary legislative amendment established provincial system of government and by changing assistant government agent offices into divisional secretariat offices the present administrative units with wide range of powers and subject matter were formed. in according to that this administrative unit was fully empowered and activated efficiently since (then)1992

Role performed at DS






1 Mr. W.A. Sirisena Dpy Govt. Agent 1978 1991.10.18
2 Mr. M.M.C. Padinandu Divisional Secretary 1991.10.18 1992.03.31
3 Mr. K.S. Wimalaweera Divisional Secretary 1992.04.01 1993.10.31
4 Mr. Layanal Perera Divisional Secretary 1993.10.26 1996
5 Mr. C. Was Gunawardana Divisional Secretary 1996 1997
6 Mr. D.P.L.C. Perera Divisional Secretary 1997.05.12 1999.11.01
7 Mr. M.M.S. Pranandu Divisional Secretary 1999.11.01 2000.11.17
8 Mr. M.C.L. Rodrigoo Divisional Secretary 2000.12.05 2001.10.01
9 Mr. P.D. Siriwardana Divisional Secretary 2001.10.04 2002.02.15
10 Mrs. K.S.  Iddagoda Divisional Secretary 2002.02.15 2006.05.15
11 Mrs. W.P.C.M. Upasena Divisional Secretary 2006.05.16


12 Mr. M.L. Dashitha Niroshana Divisional Secretary 2011.03.16 2015.01.31
13 Mrs R.M. Darshana Ranasinghe Divisional Secretary 2015.04.10  2016
14 Mr. D.R. Jayasinghe Divisional Secretary    
15 M.Ranjan P. Perera Divisional Secretary 2017.01.25 Up to now




GND Name GND-NO      
Ittapana South    777  
Ittapana West 777 A 
Ittapana East 777 B
Malambehena 777C
Ittapana Northa 778
Miriswatta 778 A 
Halwala 779
Loolbadduwa 780
Kudamathugama 781
Paraigama North 782
Paraigama South 782 A
Gammana East 783
Gammana West 783 A
Karapagala 784
Gorakaduwa 784 A 
Yagirala 785
Udugama 786
Walallawita East 787
Katudora 787 A 
Walallawita South 787 B
Thotaha 787 C
Makalandawa 788
Makalandawa South 788 A
Magurumaswila 788 B
Gulawita North 789
Gulawita South 789 A
Uragoda East 790
Uthumgam 790 A
Uragoda West 790 B 
Pannila 791
Pannila South 791 A
Pannila East 791 B 
Ihalahewess 843
Pahala Hewessa North 843 A 
Yattapatha 843 B
Mandagala 843 C 
Kankotawatta 843 D 
Thundola 843 E 
Weerakanda   843F
Pahala Hewessa South 843 G
Gulanawatta 843 H 
Ranepuragoda 843 I 
Bothalawa 844 A 
Katukele Welmeegoda 844 E
Moragala 848
Lihiniyawa East 848 A 
Lihiniyawa West 848 B 
Halwalakelaya Malwatukanda 848 C 
Meehagathenna 849
Maddegama 849 A
Wedawatta 849 B 
 Malwachchigoda Gangabada 849 C
Bogodakanda Talpediwela 849 D
Kumbadoowa 849 E
Pelawatta 850
Miriswatta 850 A
Pelawatta East 850 B
Gorakaduwa 850 C 
Pelawatta West North 850 D
Pelawatta  West South 850 E 


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